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With over a 100,000 happy customers, we know how to get you a book that is not aesthetically beatiful, written perfectly but drive revenue & fame.

Own 100% Copyrights

Powerful intellectual property protections, made simple. Every project includes industry‑leading, customized, dynamic legal contracts and policies that protect your intellectual property & privacy.

Award-winning, 24/7 support.

Not sure what you need? That's why we have hundreds of smart, friendly web pros waiting on the chat. Just reach out to us and allow us to help.

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You don't have to wait till your deadline ends - just get results sraight-away! That simply means No delays, no miscommitments & no excuses!

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Get your book promoted across all platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc and ensure maximum reach and coverage for your book.

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Alex Cornil

I have nothing but great things to say about GCL. They did some outstanding work for us - all on time and in budget.

1 day ago

Akash Ramchandi

They have been very responsive and flexible as far as how they help me understand what they're working on.

1 day ago

Jaya Kapoor

Professional, & great service - great pricing too! GCL Book Cover Design Services is surely among the best player in the town!

2 day ago

Alex Jones

Extraordinarily helpful at every step, as well as being very responsive, creative, and talented.

2 day ago

Asad Mohamed

Pleased with the amount of time, professionalism, communication and completeness that I experienced when working with GCL.

3 day ago

Martha James

Speedy service, efficient delivery. Just what I wanted and asked for. Quality UX and typography is superb.

5 days ago

Micheal Josh

Once again they have come up with a superb print on a quality shirt and as always a fast turnaround. Thank you.

5 days ago

Aneel Raj

Delivered on what they promised. My app re-do has been a refreshing change. I highly recommend their services!

4 days ago

Aisha Ali

The best service I have ever received from any company! Will definitely be back for more. thanks a lot - Good luck!

4 days ago

Jay Krishan

The new website had a real positive impact on sales and made our team a lot more confident , and it really shows!

3 days ago

360 Degree Book
Writing to Publishing at one place.

Ghost Writing + Cover Page + Illustrations + Book Audio + Book Video + Publishing + Printing + Distribution = Perfect Book Writing & Publishing House!

Pages 150 250 350+
Design Concepts 05 10 15
Revision Rounds 05 10 15
Support Priority Priority Urgent
100% Money-back Guarantee
Full Copyright Ownership
Dedicated Project Manager
Dedicated Quality Analyst
Dedicated Customer Support
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Frequently Asked

  • 01
  • What will I get if I place an order with your book publishing house?
  • You will get everything you need to push your book from idea to publishing and printing phase and beyond until you become the well-known author.
  • 02
  • What are the book witing genres your ghost writer provide support to?
  • From Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biography, Informative, Autobiography, Memoirs, Action & Adventure, Western Anthology and Romance - we have got you covered!
  • 03
  • Can I use my own images on my book?
  • Yes. If you have any specific photography or images that need to be included on your book cover or anywhere else in your book design, please submit them to designers with your brief. Unless you request otherwise, your designer will create it themselve anyway.
  • 04
  • Do you create ebook covers?
  • Yup! You can have a physical book cover designed, an ebook cover page designed or both. Be sure to let us know in the brief.
  • 05
  • Do you provide just book cover design?
  • Yes, We provide all ghost book writing and designing services individually as well as collectively all together as a bundle. You may get your book designed from our book cover designers and do not opt for any other services such as book writing, book publishing, proof reading and editing, book printing, book distribution and book reviews management. Its completely up to you wahtever and whenever you like.
  • 06
  • What elements usually go on the front cover of a paperback book?
  • Title, author’s name, subtitle, tagline, imagery and a quote all typically appear on the front cover of a paperback book.
  • 07
  • What elements usually go on the back cover of a paperback book?
  • Blurb, author’s biography and a quote typically appear on the back cover of a paperback book.
  • 08
  • Is there really a 100% money back guarantee?
  • We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of payment on all Book Cover Design unless its published. You can also call us anytime to help you rewrite your brief, reopen your project to ensure you get a good result. Remember, if we refund your money, you aren’t legally entitled to use any of the designs submitted to you.
  • 09
  • Who owns what copyright and when?
  • As soon as you are satisfied with your final results from us, we transfer the life-time copyrights to you along with a copyrights sertificate.
  • 10
  • Is ghost book writing is ethical?
  • Yes. because a the ghost writer provide your all the support you need to produce a clear and accurate manuscript that is free of all literary errors and help you refine your book concept and improve the flow of your storyline. All the scripts and ideas is fundamentally derived from you.
  • 11
  • How do I calculate the spine width of my book?
  • Publisher’s typically offer spine width calculators on their websites for self-publishers to use. If you know which publisher you’re using, we recommend heading to their website to learn more.
  • 12
  • Do you provide story book cover page?
  • Yes, Wether it is story books cover page, simple book cover design, drawing book covers, fantasy book covers, aesthetic book covers, typographic book covers or even book jacket design or you ask us to design title page - you will find us to be your on-demand book publishing house for anything and everything.
  • 12
  • Usually, How much an award winning ghost writer cost?
  • Well, depending upon his portfolio - An award-winning ghost writer may cost anything between $10,000 to $200,000. We have our contracts with some of the award winning ghost writers who have been providing extensive support to clients from 20= Years. These are the best ghost writers in US and leads / supervise a team of professional ghost writers to provide the basic storyline structure as per their instructions. This help us to ensure quality as well as deadline at the same time.

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