Defining a logo for your brand is an important achievement, as it is the result of several hours of work, dozens of creative proposals and even previous studies and hours of discussion between founders, marketing and design teams. The logo serves to identify the concept of a firm, and due to its immediate impact on the user, they are an effective way to create a relationship with consumers.

According to a study by the firm Avery UK, 46% of consumers surveyed said they remember brands thanks to their logo. So a good logo is crucial to motivate the growth and positioning of your company.

Firms like Mac, Uber and AT&T are quickly recognized when you look at their main image anywhere, be it a spectacular on the streets or in the middle of a football game. However, when we have defined a logo there are still several steps to work in the search to obtain your brand identity.

Not only is it enough to make a logo and stamp it on each wall of your offices or on the streets, you have to implement it tenaciously in each of your marketing strategies to achieve positive impacts on users. Therefore, here are the steps you should follow after designing your logo:

Shield your image

After having defined the logo, you need to see if it corresponds to the ideals of your brand, if it represents what you have done or what you will do. To shield your image, you need to think of it as a person, who already has a face, but needs arms, hands and legs.

Companies like Google have as their ‘head’ in their line of business to be a content search engine on the internet. However, the firm constantly works on its image as an information technology leader developing Artificial Intelligence software. Others establish a philosophy that they constantly reinforce by participating in philanthropic movements that go according to what their principles propose.

Define your buyer persona

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to cover too much territory with their value proposition. If your firm has a wide range of products and services and these are not good enough or different from those already on the market, people will not notice your brand and will prefer to stick with traditional firms.

This is why it is necessary to define your buyer persona (ideal person who would buy your product), and the best way to do this is by analyzing a group of users who have bought your products or services. Identify their economic status, marital status, tastes and interests, housing, among many others. You can take surveys to learn more about each one.

Take it to the network

Now that you have your brand logo, you need to make it public; Adding it to your website would be the first step, design a landing page that allows you to expose that identity, and even in which you place the logo as an adhesive header, so when an Internet user scrolls down, your main image will follow them wherever they go.

It is also necessary that you adhere to each social network that you use. According to the firm Buzzsumo, posts with images on Facebook reach twice as many interactions as those without. In social networks and its millions of users, someone will surely look at your brand and remember it through images.

Using your logo on the web allows you to play with it at different times of the year or historical contexts, whether to support the fight against climate change or celebrate Christmas, adapting your image to different dates will lead users to perceive activity and novelty in your firm.

Set the design tone and voice of your company

Since it has defined the logo, identity and target audience. Now you must establish a message system with which you will address your users to strengthen them to your brand.

People only remember 10% of the information presented in text, while those messages with a relevant image encourage readers to remember up to 65% of the information, according to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report study. Therefore, it is necessary that you generate multimedia content and not just text; you must establish an alternation between the banners, flyers, videos or gifs that you are going to use on social networks. It is also recommended that you update your logo over time, this way you will boost the visibility of your products.

Establish the form and language with which you are going to interact with users, for example: if your business is for child care products, use friendly, positive and even funny language, since you will be addressing mothers and fathers. On the other hand, if your business is an accounting firm, show professionalism in your interactions, answer the requests with respect and formality.

Hiring a graphic designer to create a quality custom logo is the first step. But to maximize the impact of your logo, you still need to know how to use it!

Put your logo on whatever you can. The more visible it will be, the more it will allow you to attract your target audience. So show yourself!

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