Cannabidiol, Biohacking, Veganism & Astrology – are among the Top 4 Most Favourable Businesses to tap in 2020 by young entrepreneurs worldwide.

While 2019 was all about drones, AI & influencers, 2020 shows a notable shift towards wellness. So let’s dig in and know what we found out.

Here it is;

1- Astrology Related Business

Top 4 Most Favorable Online Businesses in 2020

With an astonishing size of Astrology-related business worth $2.1 billion dollars, the opportunity that exits online making it irresistible for venture capitalists to stay out. This includes horoscope web & apps, spiritual consultancies, and online podcasts.

Astrology-Related Business Growth:

The number of start-ups across the world has risen over 200% since 2015 and almost doubled in past 12 months.

2- Biohacking Business

Top 4 Most Favorable Online Businesses in 2020 - Bio-Hacking
Bio-Hacking Businesses

Biohacking commonly knowns as DIY Biology focuses on boosting physical and mental performance both through biotic in a broader sense. This involves performance segments such as hydration therapy to intermittent fasting, sleep tracking and much more.

Bio-Hacking Industry Growth:

This business group amplified up to 445% since 2015 with 71% in the last 12 months alone.

3Cannabidiol Business

Cannabidiol Business

Cannabidiol Business which already estimated to be a multi-billion dollar industry evolve around food and beverages, beauty and health, pet products and much more, has seen incredible spike online.  The industry is showing the fastest growth in new ventures with no sign of slowing down in the next few months too. The legalization and public awareness about the psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis extracts made it be the tempting online domain to step forward.

Cannabidiol Industry Growth:

This sector has experienced astonishing growth over 1,540% since 2015 with a sharp 61% rise in last 12 months.

4- Vegan & Plant Business

Top 4 Most Favorable Online Businesses in 2020 - Vegan & Plan Based Business
Vegan & Plant Business

Vegan & Plant-Based Products with a focus on health and wellness, this sector continues to flourish with an ever-increasing number of new startups and new ventures across the world. With ever-increasing public awareness related to plantation and global warming, more and more people are getting convinced and ready to adapt to a lifestyle that is 100% green – making it another ideal sector to jump in.

Veganism Industry Growth:

This segment of business group has enlarged over 220% since 2015 with a steady growth of almost 205 each year.

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