Shapes are something as vital as the fonts and color you utilize in the designing of Logos. The logo shapes you use can influence the message you want to give or the brand image you want to portray. Consequently, it is valuable to identify the meanings of shapes and the emotions they generate. The job of custom logo companies is to make audience who see the logo feel something. The more you go into logic and pointless information, the logo will lose its subjectivity.

“More rationale decreases subjectivity” – Sol Sender

The studies of researchers have revealed that the logo shape single-handedly is sufficient to affect the perception of brand. Geometry can enlighten audience about the company’s product, values and advantages. We propose you to understand how to appropriately work with the design of logo to attain customer attraction; this article ill examine the meaning of Logo shapes and also tell you why Logo shapes are important for brands.

What Do the Logo Shapes Mean?

A well-built logo is an important aspect in the branding and its process. Without a stronger logo, you may have complicatedness attaining the attention, interest and loyalty of the targeted customers because your logo cannot accomplish its responsibility to categorize with your brand and remind individuals of your brand.

Creating a brand logo may look like straightforward, but the brand logo is not just only about aesthetics and design, but also about how brand make its target customer experience. When designing a logo, custom logo design companies generally concentrate on essentials for instance colors and fonts, but ignore the shapes to be utilized in the brand logo. The research on visual communication reveals that certain logo shapes have the skill to inducing a targeted message to the target audience.

Similar to logo colors and fonts, shapes are also a significant component of design. Logo shape is a characteristic that can represent facts, articulate moods and direct the eye. Every shape you add to the design of your logo not only transforms its look, it also transforms the manner it is understood and supposed by your the customers. The shape of logo you build can facilitate you institute a clearer affecting and psychological relationship between your brand and your audience. Therefore; it’s significant to comprehend what shapes are saying to customers and how you can successfully integrate them into your logo design.

Circle Shape Logos

Circles are extensively used shapes in the design of logo. In reality, you can notice these shapes are utilized in 20% of the most well-liked and well-known brands of the world. The study of INSEAD business school also confirmed these facts. The research participants were given advertisements for sports shoes and a sofa with a round, angular logo and no emblem. The participants of the study perceived round identity product as relaxing and angular identity product as long-lasting. When companies make use of circle shapes in their brand logo, they convey:

Positive emotional messages: Circles are round and soft, without hard angles. This provides a unlike experience to shapes such as squares and triangles. Logos using circle shapes repeatedly produce positive feelings. For instance, the intertwined circles logo of Olympic Games is an excellent case and characterizes positive impressions such as love, support, completeness, harmony and friendship.

Strength and constancy:  Circles are consistent and determined; there are no breaks or turns as with lines on other shapes. This can build your brand come out more trustworthy. Additionally, circle logos can encourage constancy, security, stability and fortification in the human mind. Such as, the logo design of NASA’s demonstrates constancy, assurance and, evidently, the harmony of the whole world enthusiastic to unity for research.

Square and Rectangular Logos

Logos based on squares and rectangular shapes are supposed stronger and bolder than circle logos due to their angular and inflexible angled shapes. Squares and rectangles shape logos turn into view of firmness and stability in the mind of human. Consequently, it habitually attributes implications like consistency and audacity to your brand. Moreover, straight lines and angles symbolize logic of command and professionalism, and are ideal for reflecting adjectives authority, competence.

We observe the utilizations of a square shape in the logos of Microsoft and BBC to offer their brands a meaning of command and trust. We can declare that the brand creates a vibrant and courageous idea with the colourful design of Microsoft and the sharp edges of the square shape it uses.

Given that square and rectangular logo shapes are frequently used in the designs of logos, they run the danger of looking usual and obsolete. That’s why it’s regularly a superior suggestion to use colour and shape psychology at the same time. Think about the comparison of Microsoft logo to the BBC logo. As both gain from the frames, colours are used in the Microsoft logo to draw the audience attention and communicate the brand diversity.

Triangle Logos

Triangular compositions are well thought-out the most firm and safest: this form of logo shape is repeatedly linked with power, energy, motivation, revolution, and dynamics. However, due to deviations in the arrangement of angles and the figure position in space, such a shape can be supposed in various ways. For instance, with the triangle energy in the brand logo of CAT, it leaves a well-built and firm intuition in the human mind.

With proper use, triangle shapes logo design by best logo design companies can protract many diverse emotions like dynamic supremacy, sense of hierarchy, continuous movement or enhancement. As triangle logo of Google Play gives a brand feel that is vibrant and offers constant innovation and development.

Vertical and Horizontal Lines Logo

Lines, like rectangles, communicate the thought of dependability and professionalism. In addition, they can represent movement and dynamics. However, conditional on the path, these fundamentals transmit the personality of brand in different manners. Besides, the shape that the lines form (for example, a circle, square, or abstraction) is essential.

  • Vertical lines are linked with power and superiority, as in the logo of Sound Cloud, where the lines are based on the soundtrack. This elucidation gives dynamics to the brand logo and seems pleasant for the service of music.


  • The horizontal lines generate a sense of serene and security. For instance, AT&T (the world’s largest telecommunications company) blue stripe logo indicates the interrelated communications that have intertwined the whole world. The circle adds to the symbol of union with unity.

  • Intersecting lines are the less common variation, which indicate fusion and collaboration. Vertical and horizontal lines on the Bank of America emblem make the American flag. The square shape of the logo sustains the professionalism and consistency message of the bank.

Curved Lines Logos

Curved lines are an immense technique to carry a logo to life by adding dynamics. This form of design can be symbolized in both abstractions and identifiable emblems.

Logos based on curved line shapes let you to significantly communicate the individuality of the company; as a result they are appropriate for brands that are determined on exploiting customer convergence. However, remember that generating such form of logos is not easy: you need to comprehend accurately what you want to communicate to audience.

Spiral Logos

This type is infrequently institute in individuality, representing cyclicality, renaissance, and perpetuity. Brands linked with originality, modernization, and medication can congregate these values. The spiral makes the logo more attractive in the eyes of the audience.

Why Are The Shapes Used In The Logos Important?

Brand Logos have a great role when it comes to questions such as how your brand appears to the outside, what it feels like, what meaning it gives. Brand logo has the benefit of haulage a compacted version of the personality, character, image and identity of your brand.

Taking benefit of the psychology of their shapes at the same time as generating a logo goes more than filling your design with shapes that you think might be appropriate for the brand. By starting a new design plan, the foremost action should be to think your brand’s values and most significant characteristics. After that, it is crucial to think about not only the shapes that greatly symbolize these qualities, but also how the shapes can be united to produce something well-built than their parts. As with all features of brand design, establishing who your target customer is and what message you want to deliver to them are measures you should think when craft your logo.

The shapes you put in to your logo design will rapidly become an interior component of your message to your brand’s target audience and to everyone on the whole. Once you comprehend the psychology following the figures, you can employ other demographic fundamentals and your contact information to make a stronger brand.

With the logo shape, you can persuade the emotional brand perception. Other than it is worth remembering a significant situation: all identity aspects (colors, fonts, geometry) have to express one message, or else the message will not get to its objective.

The Get Custom Logo will assist you make such free custom logo design: it contains thousands of icons, fonts and graphics produced by specialized designers. You can be convinced that all the fundamentals will be combined with each other and the logo will turn out to be pleasant.