The logo for the company has the same importance that the identity document has for a person. Is that unimportant?

With the internet, consumers have thousands of options for what they are looking for: different brands, product models and types of services; original and similar, national and imported from all over the world.

The function of the logo is to uniquely identify the company, product or service. It should translate the personality of the brand and the essence of the business into a beautiful, functional visual representation that stands out from the competition in the eyes of the consumer. This is not an easy task.

Understand the risks that the lack of a good logo for the company brings to your business.

How is a good logo created for the company?

Creating a good logo for the company is something that goes beyond “taste”.

The logo has the function of translating and representing the personality of your brand in a visual way. But in addition, the logo will also have functions regarding the positioning of your company.

To successfully translate the brand’s personality into an appropriate visual representation, it is necessary to conduct a good search of references based on specific knowledge of design, such as concepts of proportion, composition and color, among others. The creation of a logo also involves knowledge about other areas of knowledge, in addition to the arts, such as neuroscience, psychology and semiotics.

Choosing the wrong color or inappropriate typography, for example, can have a devastating effect on the brand; from making it boring or unreadable, to causing an uncomfortable feeling in the eyes or being associated with negative ideas and feelings.

The process of creating a good logo for the company includes thinking about the model that will be created:

  • Iconographic: only icon (symbol);
  • Textual: only typography (letters);
  • Mixed: typography and icon.

As well as, in all its possible variations, foreseen in the brand manual:

  • Use in areas with white, black and colored backgrounds;
  • Horizontal and vertical version;
  • Reduction with legibility;
  • Magnification without distortion.

Dangers of copying the logo to the company

The logo is the graphic representation that must be present in all brand communication. It is the basis of the visual identity that will enable the company, product or service to be easily recognized.

In this way, “copying” a logo or “making a very similar one” to another that already exists is highly damaging to the company. Since the purpose of the logo is precisely to differentiate the company, product or service from others in the market, copying the logo to the company can cause confusion in people’s perception.

Copying the logo for the company is plagiarism and can be considered a copyright crime, with serious legal consequences that can lead to financial losses.

 The risks of a “provisional” logo

A “provisional” logo, the “just to start” logo, is usually an immediate economy that is expensive in the future. Deciding to change the brand in the middle of the road, after the product has been launched, the packaging has been produced, the advertisement has been made, the website is live and pages on active social networks is a waste of time and money, for sure.

This is a decision that will take a lot of work and damage the brand perception of consumers, who may be confused with this change. In addition to the risk of the public not identifying the new brand of the company, product or service, the substitution of the logo can cause an impression of instability, weakening the credibility of the brand.

 The shame of an amateur logo

The logo is practically the first contact that people have with the brand, and the impression it will cause can be a fundamental factor in the purchase decision process.

The logo for the company is a factor of great influence on the perception of the brand, being able to collaborate positively or negatively to differentiate attributes of the company, product or service, such as quality, seriousness, credibility, professionalism, among others.

Just like the raw material, the appearance and durability denote the quality of a product, the quality perceived in the logo is directly related to the brand.

A professional, beautiful and functional logo will certainly add value to the brand.

To conclude this article, I will reinforce the need to be careful when deciding on the need to create a logo. With a little reflection and self-knowledge about your role as a designer, everything will make more sense.

Making a mistake in choosing the logo for the company can seriously harm the business. The logo is a strategic item for the company. Carefully evaluate the professional who will create your brand.

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