General information

The image of a bicycle symbolizes speed, movement, victory and determination. This element is often found on the logos of companies of various directions. In this case, an icon can be placed on the logo in the form of the entire bike or only its separate part (wheels, steering wheel, etc.).

Also, people associate the image of a bicycle with an active lifestyle, health and harmony.

The logo of this topic can be used by companies in almost any direction of work. But most often such logos are chosen by organizations that provide bike rentals.

Often such logos contain the name of the company, which, as a rule, denotes its significant achievements and high-quality products Ideal, Victoria, Torpedo, Elite, etc.

Selection of elements and colors

The combination of colors in logos can be very diverse. The color scheme of the logo with a bicycle can be anything, depending on the specifics of the company and the mood.

The emblems of red and black colors look harmonious. The logos in blue and green also convey a sense of lightness and activity. For some companies, it is optimal to use a logo with a white background and black elements.

Scope of application

Examples of well-known bike logos are the trademarks of Ideal, Victoria, Torpedo, Ascari bicycles, Elite, and others.

The emblem of this theme is perfect for organizations that produce vehicles. The logo with a bicycle is suitable not only for vehicle manufacturers, but also for bicycle clubs and shops, which are engaged in the rental and sale of bicycles, spare parts and various accessories.  Often, emblems with a bicycle are found at companies that sell parts and accessories for this type of transport.

Famous bike logos

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Key recommendations

The logo with the image of a bicycle or its separate elements represents an active and healthy way of life. It is suitable for those who want to confidently conduct their business, take care of health and be in harmony with the world around us.

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