If you’re staid about branding, you’ll want to create your own logo. Your logo – small as it may be – is the strong expression of your brand.

Let’s be truthful, in the present time we are already in need of a change. Possibly your business is in need of it too, or maybe you started your new year with your own startup. Whether you are in the centre of a change or formulating ne project, the New Year is considered ultimate time to design new logo.

Design does not remain still, new trends appear and previous ones wane every year. For brand design, logo is the most significant part. The logo design itself not only discloses the brand identity, but can even demonstrate the brand values and characteristics. The foremost role of brand logo is to show that a specific symbol is linked with a particular brand. It should stir up importunate relations and be stamped in the memory of the target audience.

“A logo doesn’t sell (directly), it identifies.”—Paul Rand

2022- Logo Design Trends

Contrasting visual design, the usual type of logo design is actually comparatively fixed. Generally, there is no certain form of logo that controls the mainstream, but different forms of logo by best logo design companies illustrate different changes and trends. In the following part I am going to discuss top logo design trends for the year 2022.

  • 3D Gradient Logos

2022 will be the year when 3D has completely augmented in the field of design. Respectively, in the field of Logo design, light and shadow details have also become a design strategy for many companies and brands to imitate brand values and characteristics. If you are in search of a well-liked style, or plan to revamp and advance an existing logo, try a three-dimensional 3D design, which may be the most admired design style presently.

This familiar graphic technique is gaining popularity again and custom logo design companies are also offering their services. A great feature in 2022 will be the subtle gradation of shades within the same colour. It allows you to create a dynamic effect. When working with such gradient logos, you should pay attention to the correct display of the palette both on the screen and when printing.

  • Catchy Fonts Logos

You can use creative typography to highlight your brand’s personality. Bold, unusual, extravagant decisions – this is what will help you stand out from the competition in the coming year! It is important that the logo is not only easy to read and evokes positive emotions in the audience, but also matches the direction of the company.

  • Game of letters

The “destruction” technique breaks into trends. Faded shades, incompleteness, voids in the lines of letters – all this gives the logo a mysterious and elegant look. However, it is important to know when to stop: the image must be recognizable.

  • Simplification  Logo Trend

The simpler the better: the most famous brands adhere to this philosophy, making their logos more and more minimalistic. This focus on simplification has become so deeply embedded in graphic design that it will undoubtedly remain a winning year in 2022. Plus, simple logos are highly adaptable to all digital formats and are easy to read. An affordable way to update the symbol is to omit details and complex decorative elements.

“The strongest logos tell simple stories.” —Sol Sender

  • Thin lines Logos

Simple sans serif fonts, thin lines are another characteristic feature of the 2022 logo design: the emblem looks concise. The minimalist style has retained its popularity for many years.  Thin lines will become a new trend. Firstly, they look more stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Second, they are more effective in directing the viewer’s eyes. Taken together, a pleasant impression is created, the picture is remembered. This is exactly what a logo needs. Therefore, a discreet and harmonious emblem is a win-win design for the 2022 logo by best logo design companies.

  • Chaos within reason

Creative but moderate clutter, asymmetry, and slight negligence are another opportunity to showcase a creative approach to brand logo design. It is worth remembering that it is the composition that broadcasts to the audience.

  • Balance

The alternative to chaos is harmony, which is symmetry and restraint. This decision is a great choice in 2022! A harmonious logo of any kind (monogram, graphic, etc.) will look advantageous and attractive.

Due consideration should be given to the choice of the font style for the logo. It should match and complement the icon. The same goes for the colour of the sign. Everything should be harmonious!

  • Handwritten Logos

It is believed that handwritten logos can more accurately reflect the direction of the company, the idea. They look “lively” and realistic. In addition, logos of this style are easily remembered by potential customers.

However, you need to choose the correct font. It should be not only attractive but also readable.

  • Negative space

The next trend is filling the empty space inside or near the letters. This solution allows more information about the brand to be embedded in the logo. Such a design looks non-trivial and original when properly built.

How to make a logo?

Having chosen the style of the future logo, you can start developing it. There are several ways to get a quality brand name for your brand. The first is to do the development yourself and draw it in a graphics editor. The second (simpler) one is to contact the designers. Well, the third option (the most convenient and profitable) is to generate free logo design by using best logo design website.

Custom logo design companies can help you create a logo in just a few minutes for free or with a small investment.

The study of  Eskes (2022) states that a brand logo is a vital component of brand and corporate communication. When creating a logo, it is not necessary to follow fashion trends. However, they should still be considered when choosing a design. The logo should look up-to-date and modern. Knowing about trends in logo design will help you achieve this.

2022 will give the Internet community a lot of cool logos. The most important thing that entrepreneurs need to understand is that you cannot mindlessly follow fashion trends. They change very quickly. Yesterday neon was popular, today is translucency, and tomorrow everyone will start adding characters to the logo.

Get Custom Logois closely following the trends and offers Free Custom Logo, which can develop a corporate identity for your projects and redesign your logo.