Logo design influences not only the brand image, but the overall business success. An attractive brand name can grab the attention of potential buyers and encourage them to seek services and products from your organization. That is why it is necessary to devote enough time to developing a brand logo.

There are many logo types, each of which evokes certain associations and impressions. Today we are going to talk about gradient logo – a trend in logo design.

What is a Gradient? How do I make a gradient logo? Where can such a brand name be used? We will talk about this in this blog.

What is a color gradient?

A color gradient is the effect of a smooth transition of several shades into one another. It can be a mixture of similar or contrasting colors – it depends on the idea. There are 2 types of color gradient: linear and radial. In the first case, the colors merge in a straight line, and in the second – in a circle. Which gradient to use in logo design should be chosen based on the business concept.

Scope of use

A logo with a gradient can be used by companies in almost any direction. This type of design is especially common among companies related to IT technologies, design and creativity in general. However, examples of gradient emblems can be seen in other areas as well.

How to make a logo with a gradient: instructions

It is possible to develop a brand name with a gradient background or elements on your own. Special online services or programs like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator (suitable for creating vector images) will help you with this.

Below are the stages of self-development of a gradient logo design:

  1. Develop a logo base with all elements in one of the programs;
  2. Select the desired area of the logo (background, separate detail, inscription) and click on the “Gradient” function, then adjust it (define the colors, the type of gradient);
  3. Drag the slider to indicate the amount of the gradient;
  4. Use the “Style” button to change the brightness, fill colors and other parameters (if necessary);
  5. Use the Rotate function to control the tilt angle;
  6. Finish the design of the logo (choose the desired font, add images, shadow, etc.);
  7. Save the finished project in a convenient format.

When developing a logo with a gradient in special online programs, you only need to follow the directions that are given at each stage.

What should be a logo with a gradient: tips

To get a unique, attractive and harmonious gradient logo graphic design, there are a few nuances to be aware of. What to look for when designing an emblem of this style – we will tell further.

  1. Make sure the text on the gradient logo is readable. Oftentimes, logo lettering can become illegible when color transitions are added to the background. To avoid this, choose lighter gradient options and use similar shades.
  2. Avoid applying a gradient effect to all elements of the logo. It is better to design only the company name, symbol, background or other individual elements in this style.
  3. The gradient looks more harmonious on larger elements. On small parts of the logo (small letters and details), this effect will be invisible.
  4. If you decide to rebrand by adding a gradient to the logo, then you should stop at the corporate colors of the company. This will preserve brand awareness.
  5. In the case of a large number of elements on the brand name, it is advisable to choose a more transparent gradient. This will help not to overload the logo and give it a little flavor.

Using these tips, you can create a truly memorable and effective logo for your brand.


A gradient logo is the perfect design option for companies looking to stand out and be remembered by their customers. Such an unusual style of the logo can evoke pleasant emotions and form a positive attitude towards the brand.

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