A logo is your identity, the first thing that you need to get done before you actually start off your business and the last thing you would like to mess with. And you shouldn’t focus on ‘Affordable logo design services’ or on the cost, but the results you will get. Paying a lot of money to logo design companies, getting it complimentary from FREE Logo Makers, or even trying out Cheap Logo Design companies – none of these guarantees you an impactful identity you deserve.

You should be more concerned about your business identity because this is how you are perceived in your customer’s minds. The powerful it is the greater the impact it will have on your customers. This is why companies have been paying an enormous amount of money on their logos since forever.

An apple with a single bite, a swoosh tick, a three-stripe, the golden arches are symbolic and iconic identities of Apple Inc., Nike, Adidas & McDonald respectively. It doesn’t matter if it is presented or displayed with their names, the world knows what it is, what they do, how well they do it, and on what scale. Everyone across the world can easily recognize them.

Your logo doesn’t matter to your existing customers only. It matters to everyone you trying to reach, convert, and retain. Your logo should be something that makes you stand out in your industry across the world, build your authority, convey your business message in the right tone, and echo what you do – clear and loud.

A logo is an essential aspect of a business that gives your customers a unique view of your brand identity in a blink.

Luckily having a powerful logo doesn’t have to cost you much!



A Free Custom Logo doesn’t mean that you will get anything less than the logo you get from the best custom logo design companies, affordable logo design platforms, or even from free logo makers available on the internet today. You can get a complimentary logo design as a token of appreciation that you step forward to kick start your business. A custom logo that promises you to be the next big thing on the internet.


What you get is a 100% unique custom logo design that means your logo is as unique as you are.


As soon as you select your logo, 100% copyrights are transferred to you with immediate effect for a lifetime.


Not only this, but you also get a complete social media kit which means you don’t have to pay again and again for resizing the same logo for all your social media needs.


Also, you get the final source files in all formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDG, SVG, EPS, PSD & Ai. You can also request any other format you want at the time of sharing your brief with us.


Experience the fastest turn-around time – from 3 hours to 48 hours, depending you’re your requirement. The complex it is going to be, the longer it will take. You won’t like to compromise on your identity yet looking forward to someone to do justice with your valuable time, that’s why getcustomlogo.com focuses on creating a logo that exceeds your expectations strictly within the deadline.


This means that you can get back to getcustomlogo.com for the rest of your life in case if you need any support such as re-sizing, logo adjustment (except re-do), colors, source files, and other minor support related queries. You will always be welcomed & served – FOREVER!


A streamlined way to request for your branding needs with no communicational issues, unwanted delays, complicated procedures, long-request forms. It going to be as simple as request, review & select!


you may also decide to get extendable on-demand services such as website design & development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Company Branded-Merchandising, as well as other services such as Content Writing, Email & SMS Marketing Solution, Animation & Gifs, Lead Magnets, and Live Chat-Human Support, etc. at the best market price guaranteed – with no obligations at all.


If you too believe in human creativity than Ai Automation than you are the right place. Because nothing can beat human creativity when it comes to building ‘connection’ with people who matter to you the most.

Your dedicated manager will always be there to welcome your queries, understand your need, advice customized, tailored and scalable solutions to your need, help you align your digital strategy with your business objectives, set smart goals and realistic timeline, and get things done to bring your desired results for you.

You don’t have to be worried about this consultancy charges, it’s free for you and the choice is all yours to take or leave – with no commitments from your end at all.


You don’t’ get it after signing up by providing your contact details in exchange.

You get it because it’s a known fact that it is hard for young entrepreneurs and relatively new businesses to find stability at the beginning. So it is just a push-start for you to enter, capture & conquer your industry.


Be 100% sure of your privacy, your contact information (as a lead) won’t be sold to any party what so ever who are looking forward to buying leads of fresh startups like yours.

So your privacy is equally important as it is for ourselves.


Neither, you like to buy nor you will be sold any 3rd party vouchers or discounts coupons that push you directly or indirectly to opt for any subscriptions or services from other parties.


Don’t be surprised with hidden charges, unwanted sign-ups or registrations, a flood of annoying promotions emails, frustrating SMS or push notifications.

Getcustomlogo.com respects your decision, value your time, protect your privacy and believe in our skills. So we strictly confine ourselves within the commitments that we both agree on and discourage pushy up-selling or cross-selling marketing tactics.


All you want is to have a logo that satisfies you with your branding needs and actually works out for you in real, so we wait till you flourish and believe in skills to provide with you’re the best, most reliable and scalable 0n-demand solutions that you might need on the go during your business life-cycle!


A basic logo costs only $25; however, it is not editable. Designer and enterprise logos cost $65 and $175, respectively.

2. LogoMakr

With an easy-to-use design software, with Logomakr, you can create a high-resolution logo for only $39.95. If your logo does not require high-resolution files, it’s completely free.

3. Canva

Another great option to consider with a wide selection of logo templates that you can use to generate your logo design ideas in minutes. With minor changes, you may find a logo that is slightly different than the other who may be using the same logo templates across the world.

Canva also has premium images that you can purchase for only $1 per one-time use.

4. Free Logo Design

You do not need to pay anything when downloading the logo you created. Free Logo Design is a 100% free template-based logo maker, easy to use, and helps enhance your branding.

Browse and select the template you want to use for your logo and simply download it.

5. Free Logo Services

Free Logo Services has thousands of logo designs that can easily be edited. All you have to do is choose the template and customize the layout, text, fonts, and colors. By using this site, you will receive ten logos in different file formats. If you need a logo for your social media accounts, just request the file format.

Free Logo Services helps you grow an online presence. Step up your game by being creative and innovative. After designing your logo and deciding to use it, you only need to pay $39.95 for the files.

6. GraphicSprings

GraphicSprings offers a simple solution for start-ups and entrepreneurs to improve their branding – the creation of a free logo. GraphicSprings has a gallery of logo templates where you can choose the one you like best and customize it. The gallery has categories that range from education to business to photography, and a lot more.

GraphicSprings has a user-friendly logo maker platform that lets you edit the text and graphic of your template easily and conveniently. Be playful and creative when creating your logo. As soon as you have completed the editing and customization processes, you may download the logo and pay $19.99.

7. Designimo

Is your company in search of a new professionally designed logo? Designimo offers cost-effective solutions to individuals and companies. This site offers graphic design and custom logo design to numerous industries.

Designing a logo in Designimo is entirely free. However, if you decide to download high-resolution files, you only need to pay $29.95. The files come in JPG, PNG, and EPS format. Designimo does not allow refunds.

8. Logojoy

Choose the style, icons, and colors you want to use in your logo and download a low-resolution logo file costs $20 but if you wish to download a high-resolution logo file, the cost is $65.

9. Designmantic

In case, if you are looking for other services along with your logos such as website and corporate identity on choice (Upselling and cross-selling promotions), you have Designmantic – an easy to use online logo maker.

Type in the name of your company. Then, select the industry, choose your design, and pay $37 if you want to download the logo’s image file. Upon purchasing, you will receive your logo in three different formats: PDF, JPEG, and PNG.

10. Wix

Wix allows you to customize the logo size, text, color, and font. Creating the logo is free. If you love the design and want to download it, you will need to pay just $12.99 for a basic logo, which consists of high-resolution logo files and full commercial usage rights.

A professional logo costs $49.99, and the package includes vector files, social media kit, high-resolution logo files, print-ready files, brand guide, and full commercial usage rights.

11. Logo Genie

With no compromising on quality, Logo genie offers free logo design templates and allows you to experiment with colors, fonts, and icons for customization. An easy to navigate and download the logo at the costs of $19.90 with various downloadable formats including PNG, JPG and PDF.

12. LogoGarden

LogoGarden was founded by a group of professional graphic designers with years of experience in developing global brands. The site offers a broad range of digital file formats as well as custom logo designs. LogoGarden does not mention the cost of its service; however, the site claims to offer an affordable price for logo design.


Although these FREE logo maker sites mentioned in this article are only a handful of the best logo design makers online and the options are countless.

Yet, nothing beats human creativity.

There’s no better way to leverage your business with a powerful and long-lasting branding identity than having a custom logo design from professional logo designers.

Because icon-based logo templates won’t inject that ‘feeling’ to your company’s identity that actually builds a connection between your business and customers – the magic you need to flourish!