Slogans are laconic expressions that are part of the brand. Slogans are often quite abstract and relate to the firm only through associations. But they evoke the necessary feelings and emotions in us, which motivate to buy. And without even seeing a clear benefit for themselves, consumers trust and give their preferences to companies with a selling slogan. For example, the Adidas slogan “Impossible is possible” does not say anything concrete about its company, but it sets it up in a rather combative way. Exactly what you need for a sports company.

What is a slogan and what is it for

An advertising slogan is a company motto, which is a short phrase. It is usually used to grab the attention of potential customers. Also, the slogan conveys some important information about the brand.

This short, sonorous sentence can be composed of different numbers of words. The main thing is that it should be simple enough and easy to remember. It is desirable that the slogan convey the essence of the advertising of the company. All this will increase brand awareness among the target audience.

Tips for creating a catchy slogan

Many aspiring entrepreneurs are concerned about how to come up with a slogan for their company. There is a lot of information on this topic, but not all clear guidelines are given. Here are some basic tips for creating a unique and memorable advertising slogan.

Simplicity. It is advisable to choose a sentence for the slogan, consisting of easy and familiar words. Such phrases are easier for clients to remember. In addition, a company with a clear slogan is more credible to a potential audience. A laconic formulation will always be more advantageous than intricate sentences with complex words.

Sonority. The perfect slogan should sound good. For this purpose, you can add rhyme or special rhythm. Such phrases will become firmly entrenched in the minds of customers and will be associated with your brand.

Originality. Of course, in order for a company to differ from competitors in its field, it must have unique elements of its corporate identity. This applies not only to the logo, but also to the advertising slogan. To make it unique, try to reflect information about the products sold or the services provided by the brand.

Brevity. The optimal slogan length is up to 9 words. It is advisable to dwell on 6 words altogether. This will make it easy to remember.

Content. The slogan can contain information about the main advantageous offers, strengths and products of the company. For example, if a brand specializes in selling branded clothing, then the slogan can write about the quality and exclusivity of goods.

The presence of humor. Some companies use humorous slogans. They will surely grab the attention of potential customers. Such advertising phrases will be well remembered by customers and significantly affect their attitude towards the brand as a whole. However, this version of the slogan is not suitable for all firms. For some lines of business, this style will not be appropriate.

Directionality. When choosing an advertising slogan, it is important to consider the target audience. That is, the final phrase should be clear to potential buyers.

To get a unique and memorable tagline, try to follow the tips above. It is not necessary to implement each of them in an advertising phrase, but try to take into account most of these recommendations.

Examples of slogans that work

Nike: Just Do It

Why it works: Nike’s slogan is not just a brand. In this expression, we see a coach who shouts to us: “Just do it.” Such a strong call to action and motivating appeal to the audience did not take long for their sympathy and dedication to the company.

BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine

Why It Works: The slogan BMW has been a brand since the 1970s. Having studied the target audience, which was solvent men who wanted to demonstrate their status, BMW realized that there was no need to convince anyone here. You just need to create a slogan no less solid than a premium car and play on the emotions of buyers.

L’Oréal: Because You’re Worth It

Why it works: Girls love with their ears, so they love the L’Oréal slogan. He seems to whisper to every woman: “After all, you deserve it!”. And who can argue? Indeed, this slogan is the credo of many ladies. The company has studied its target audience well and addressed it exactly the way it wanted it.

McDonald’s: i’m Lovin’ it

Why it works: When a tagline evokes positive emotions in consumers. And it has been working since 2003. Since then, the expression “This is what I love” has been difficult to abstract from burgers and fries. After all, despite the dangers of fast food, it really is what millions love.

How to come up with a slogan for a company

You can come up with a slogan for a company online for free in various ways. The first and most obvious is to come up with it yourself. However, this requires a good imagination and the ability to formulate phrases beautifully.

Another option is to use special services that will generate a slogan according to your criteria.

Get Custom Logo – custom logo generator will help you quickly come up with a slogan for any company using keywords. The advantages of the service are that it is free and the ability to generate numerous variants of various advertising phrases as a result.

Create your company slogan according to the rules of experienced copywriters who have eaten more than one dog in this business. Consider the specifics of your company when developing a slogan. And then actively popularizing it so that it will be remembered and liked by every representative of its target audience. Don’t waste time and start creating your own slogan right now, especially since it’s so easy with online generators. Well, “Just do it.”