Year 2020 was without doubt a year filled of shocks and complicated moments for all. But such uncertainty also gave motivation for creativity to brands to prosper and reinvest themselves in the middle of worldwide pandemic.

Using the terms Philip Kotler would use, we can say that when the company’s external marketing environment changes, it is necessary to change to keep up.

We live in a transformation period and many companies are significantly treating their greatest asset, i.e. their BRAND, by redesigning their brand logo.  New logos can draw attention to the most up-to-date illustrated trends and offer brand new ideas about how to advance your own offered projects.

In this blog, I’m going to summarize some of the best new logo redesign for the year 2021-2022.  All of these brands were picked for their coherent design, work of their applications, and the variety of developments that were component of these changes.

Why redesign the brand or update the logo?

It is consider significant that the first time a person observes your brand logo; he is capable to comprehend the core values that brand want to correspond.  However, we have to state that the significance of a powerful design of a brand and consistent with the moment of the brand goes ahead of that.

Reflects the brand individuality

A strong logo provides a concept of what the brand does, it is that simple. If you feel that your current brand logo does not be a sign of the present scenarios in the business, this is a well-built sign that brand may need to redesign the brand.

Builds a trust bond

Good design of a brand creates paths and associations among the companies and individuals. Well- structured visual emblems with significant meanings create relationship links in the customers’ mind. Customers become suspicious and unconvinced when offered with common, bad, ordinary or plagiarized brand logos for products and services. Therefore, for successful branding, it is important to create a trust bond between company and customers by redesigning the brand.

Highlight brand in the market

A brand logo with identity, with some creativity and most significantly, with individuality emphasizes the brand in its segment. There are different types where clichés and obsolete identities still succeed. The more this is true, the more return a modern visual identity will have and the more it will be prominent, the more individuals will distinguish its features and the more recognized the brand will be.

The best logos redesign of 2021-2022


GoDaddy– The big web hosting and domain service company was the first one in 2020 to present its new modern and sophisticated logo. Its new striking logo was created by Koto.

Additionally, the graphic elements of brand logo illustrate three different aspects:

  • HEART as a passion and familiarity symbol
  • SMILE as a confidence and sparkle symbol
  • HANDSHAKE as a symbol of arrival to the deal

Besides that, the selected logo font is in harmony with the GoDaddy and its commitment. In accordance to GoDaddy, their new brand logo is;

“a defense of entrepreneurs everywhere, a symbol of empowerment that encourages them to stay on their feet.”

Now Godaddy has a new professional brand logo in accordance to their offered services, and that’s really incredible to be celebrated.


TripAdvisor– The platform for travel rating also redesigned its brand logo. The company used the minimalist logo style  with very simplified design, by using custom bold sans serif typeface wordmark.  TripAdvisor retained the inherent personality of their brand by redefining the geometry of logo for improved replication in all variants.  Therefore, the company is targeting ultimate change in the year 2022.


BMW– The car company redesigned its brand logo again, as part of the new i4 electric sedan model launch. The company eliminated the glare and three-dimensional aspects in the new brand logo. The innovative ideas are used in redesigning of logo by following the automotive industry trends, where bezels, glare and three-dimensional effects are ignored for a flatter style.

According to Jens Thiemer, Vice President Customer Service, BMW:

“The new logo and brand design symbolize the importance and relevance of the brand for mobility and driving pleasure in the future.”


Nissan also experienced inclusive transformation of its brand logo. The minimalist and flatter design trends are famous in the car industry, and companies are trying to have increasingly existence in the digital world. For that reason, Nissan also takes its brand logo design to the next level by redesigning its logo with thin lines and in a particular solo tonality.


Cadbury- A chocolate company redesign its brand logo in different manner, instead of considering flat design they selected the gold color to draw attention to their identify. There are visual aspects that are greatly identifiable in every product of Cadbury including the purple background color palette and the gold and white inflections.

A representative from Cadbury revealed that the purpose of the new logo was to give it added modern feel:

 “The revitalization of the Cadbury wordmark drew inspiration from the hand of founder John Cadbury himself, to create a beautifully crafted signature with a more contemporary feel.”

In summary, updating a brand or identity like redesigning a brand is a process and as such, it has a beginning, but it does not necessarily have an end.

But, just as everything has become outdated, over the years, the logo of your company also has the right time to be modified and improving it can mean the reinforcement of its positioning, standing out better in the market. This is where the need to “update it” comes from, paying particular attention to the typography and forms of organization of the elements, which attract attention and end up reflecting the company’s values.

When reformulating a logo, you are automatically revitalizing your brand, making it more connected with trends and consequently making it more attractive.

If you want to know more about redesign and understand when your brand should do it, we talk more about it here. To understand more about the purpose and how it can differentiate your company in the market, learn more here.

Now, if you want to take advantage of the transformations to reinvent yourself and achieve better results, rebranding by custom brand logo can be the best strategy for both sales and communication.

I hope you liked it and I urge you to take a look at the post where we have covered the trends in logo design that are considered for 2022.